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General Questions

  1. What do you do, you know, what kind of stuff?

    In a nutshell we provide quality clowning that is always entertaining, age appropriate, and most of all, just plain fun.  The type of event often dictates what we do but generally we provide a lot of laughter for kids and adults, balloon sculpting, a little pocket magic here and there (because we are clowns, not really magicians), some funny, bad juggling, all sprinkled with healthy doses of silliness.  Audience participation skits are always fun and utilized whenever possible.

  2. What do you charge for your services?

    Prices vary according to the type of event and the length of time requested.  All charges are billed at an hourly rate.  Please call the appropriate phone number under the Contact Us page to discuss your specific request.  

    Beginning July 1, 2014, the following fuel charges are added to all contracts: 

    $25 - Event location 50 to 99 miles round trip from Spokane

    $50 - Event location 100 to 150 miles round trip from Spokane

    Expenses billed for event locations more than 150 miles round trip from Spokane.

  3. Do you support charity events?

    Yes, but under the following guidelines:

    If your organization is a not-for-profit group and your event is supported 100% by volunteers with no paid vendors, then I provide my services, schedule permitting, for free.

    If your event has a budget and there will be other paid entertainment, then a donation for my services is expected.  Please call me direct to discuss specifics about your charitable event.

  4. What geographic areas do you cover?

    We will perform primarily in the Greater Spokane Area, the Greater Coeur D'Alene area, with few, if any exceptions.  However we will travel anywhere requested, schedule permitting.  See FAQ #2 for special pricing guidelines for events located more than 50 miles round trip from Spokane.

  5. Do you accept credit cards?

    No.  Currently we accept only cash or checks.  All services are accompanied with a contract and invoice provided to the customer prior to the event.  Payment is expected after the performance is completed.  

  6. Am I charged if I cancel an event?

    There are stipulations in the contract to deal with cancelations. We are very flexible and will work with you to best accommodate your circumstances.  Generally if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice before the service was contracted to begin you will be responsible for the agreed upon charges.

  7. Do you offer any sort of discounts?

    Currently I only offer discounts to active duty military members and their families.

  8. Can I get two clowns such as IRISH and Rock 'n' Roll for the same event?

    Maybe.  All the clowns are performed by the same person.  We haven't learned how to saw him in half and send him in two different directions...yet.

    My wife, "Little Bit" occasionally performs with me when her schedule permits.  If she accompanies any of the clowns it is at no additional charge.

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